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Life has brought only disappointing experience to plump Dasha: she has given up herself as hopeless and does not cherish illusions about being happy as a woman. And it is only from time to time that she sighs for her new neighbor, handsome Stas… While her sister is busy about regulating her private life, Dasha, out of kindness, agrees to look after her nephew, 8 year old Vanka. He makes the life of his aunt unbearable, because the boy cannot live a single hour without pranks. Nevertheless, the nephew gradually helps Dasha to change and feel needed.

Type: film
Genre: comedy, melodrama
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Vyacheslav Lavrov
Written by: Ol’ga Stepanova, Dmitriy Stepanov
Production designer: Vadim Afanas’ev
Director of photography: Andrey Lebedyanskiy
Music by: Anatoliy Zubkov
Producers: Natalia Bilan, Daria Lavrova, Vlad Ryashin
Cast: Maria Bortnik, Anton Batyrev, Natalia Dvoretskaya, Aleksandra Nazarova

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