This is Why Top 500's are Afraid of My Symmetra – Overwatch


Ready or not here i come 👀
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► My Symmetra Settings
☆ Horizontal sensitivity: 35
☆ Vertical sensitivity: 25
☆ Aim assist strength: 90
The rest is on default
► Banner art made by – Nathan (TheTombRaider NJ)
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Thanks for watching like always 🙂


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  1. I hope my videos have helped you through quarantine ❤️ Please stay at home and wash your hands, i love you guys so much and take care

  2. You use Sym so well. She requires a lot of game sense and map knowledge. Most people think you just put up turrets. I’ve been playing her since the 6 turret/shield gen days. I could wipe a team with little to no heals. I’m maining Ana right now but this def brought back memories.

  3. Sometimes people don't appreciate the work you put in smh I be getting like no likes when I always pop off and make good plays 😩

  4. thanks for supplying the entertainment! ur vids are hilarious and really prove this game is still fun. 👍🏼👍🏼💞💞💞

  5. Your symm gameplays have helped me be a better symm player. Symmetra has gotten me to masters and honestly its because of u

  6. thanks for always explaining what your doing and why! i'm still learning how to play better and got some great tips out of watching you 😀


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