THIS GAME IS ACTUALLY FUN! Crash Fever Tutorial Gameplay & First Impressions!



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  1. I love love love this game all thw characters are cute unique and amazing not alot of guy ones but doesn't really change how fun it is

  2. so in conclusion for this 11min clip it's just another puzzle game that's been flooding the market… yay I'm so excited 😩

  3. finally someone uploads gameplay of this game.i hope you upload more and if you want to add me my ld is 511 453 458

  4. This game is actually quite good. I usually dislike mobile gacha games (other than anime games) but this one is dope there's alot of strategy involved in harder fights.

  5. my ID is 510058305 i have a nice 6 star helper u can use if u do add me but i mostly play this game each day after dokken battle so i can tel u this its a really fun game to play and i enjoy it lot also if u want to awaken a unit u need to form the materlals before awakening 5 star to 6 star even low star unti u still need to do the same

  6. YO D-free great videoi just started playing this game to you should add me here is my player ID 514 568 600
    I HOPE TO at least friend you here


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