The Sims 4™ Asian Adventures: Official Reveal Trailer


After months of development and with I am now very happy to present to you: The Sims 4 Asian Adventures Modpack!

I’ve been working very hard to provide you a new experience that isn’t really existing in The Sims 4 as we speak. Get ready to visit Sakura Hills, a world filled with cherry blossom trees and gorgeous sunsets.

You can get your hands on the full-on modpack early on, on my Patreon starting March 27th! A free-for-all release is planned for April, 6th. If you want to get early access there’s a way to support the whole project via Patreon.

The Sims 4 Asian Adventures Modpack requires The Sims 4 Vampires and The Sims 4 Get Together to work properly.


(Starts March 27th)

April 6th




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  1. Hello everybody!
    I hope you're all safe and healthy! Crazy times right now!
    Thank you so much for watching this project that is close to my heart.
    I've worked on it for many hours, many weeks. Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic
    I'll be deleting any comment that is racist or ignorant towards this project as I've already deleted some.

    Be nice and stay safe and at home! Love you! ♥

  2. I know that doing something similar with another world would likely be difficult, but are you able to change glimmerbrook to be more like an American country side?

  3. I love this idea. It would have been better to replace Newcrest in this style instead of Forgotten hallow. I want to use this but I also want to keep forgotten hallow…

    Anyhow, This is amazing and I seriously think EA should hire you.

  4. This is such a cool pack, i cant wait for whats instore next! Keep doing better for the sims community and we are truly grateful that we have creative people like you here 🙂 if you are planning to create another pack like this i hope you consider creating a newer city by remodelinhn san myshuno to have a santa clara (fanmade map) feel hiehie eitherway love you work

  5. Hola! Muchísimas gracias y felicitaciones. Era lo que quería: Cambiar el mundo de los vampiros y poder poner casa comunes. Sos un genio! Saludos

  6. This is a nice mod but when i placed it in my game and started a new game to see the world my game took a long time to load and when it finished loading it didnt even show thw world.pls fix it😥.I really want to play with this world.

  7. Man I want this so bad ITS BEAUTIFUL😫😍 but have like 15k cc files so I already know getting this would obliterate my game😅

  8. wow amazing work!! when i can get the mod? i know that is for 6 april, but i entered the page and there is nothing

  9. Amazing work! I would love this so much but wish it could replace this with another generic sunny world since I'd like to keep my only dark little world of Forgotten Hollow. This is great for people who can't stand the darker world of Forgotten Hollow though. If only we could add and make our own worlds like we used to.

  10. that's crazy!! i love it!! i just have a question…
    this mod will be a playable town or a tourism/vacation town for the adventure pack?

  11. Sucks that this takes up the vampires world space, so unfortunately I won't be using this. I really wish that there was a world building tool for sims 4.

    But this looks amazing, very vibrant as well.

  12. This is seriously amazing!
    If you could mod the Romance Festival to happen in this world it would fit perfectly with the vibe!

  13. Holy crap!! I've been trying to do something like this for Sulani!! But jeez it's so hard… I don't know how you do it (x_x)
    it gets so boring living on a deserted island and it would be so cool if it had roads, cars, and just general civilization. I was trying to make it something like Honolulu, which has lots of Japanese/Koran influence.
    Would that be something you'd consider doing in the future?

  14. If vampires continue to live here, you could create some awesome Japanese mythical creatures to supplement this incredible world!

  15. Y’all just imagine if Nando had the coding to implement new worlds instead of replacements. We would never run out of space and the themes would be amazing!! 💙💙


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