5 Top Blogs On Finance

Hey what’s up everyone. Davey Pockets here, man of the financial frontier. Today we are going to talk about some other great blogs on finance.

Having a finance blog of my own, I can say that there really are some amazing personal finance blogs available to you out there. This is especially true if you want to learn things such as- how and where to invest, how to make money on the internet, and many other great topics and ideas.

If this is what you are looking for then you will want to check out these Top Personal Finance Blogs!

  1. JohnnyMoneyseed.com- One of my all time favorite blogs on finance and he has some really good ideas to get you thinking outside the box such as why paying off your mortgage early is silly!
  2. 1500days.com- This is arguably one of the best blogs on finance as well. Here you will find many great ideas on how to spend less and save more. You will also find my personal favorite posts where he asks the reader’s things such as how and where to invest. Also has a pretty cool 10 questions and a pizza place guest post for other blogs on finance.
  3. DivHut.com- Another one of the coolest blogs on finance on the internet. I highly suggest this blog if you are thinking how to begin investing in stocks. You will find a lot of tips of how and where to invest. As well as many great dividend paying stocks that can help make you some money right away!
  4. Mr.MoneyMustache- Mr. Money Mustache has to be the most unique blogs on finance available. His cool and refreshing writing style comes through on every single post, making this one of the top personal finance blogs.
  5. Budgetsaresexy.com- J Money has another one of my favorite blogs on finance. Here you will find many great ideas such as budgeting and “side hustle” also known as making money on the side!

That’s all the personal finance blogs I am going to leave you with today. In my opinion these are the top personal finance blogs you will find and just reading through their posts can make a huge impact on your personal finances as it did for me!

Don’t see your blog listed here? Feel free to share in the comments other personal finance blogs readers may want to see!

Also thank you to our new readers here! Have seen quiet an uptick in viewers and readers here at bestfinanicalfreedomblog.com which is really exciting!

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