One Table At A Time


Dane Tidwell & Company is more than a collection of articles and products. It is the embodiment of the ideals we strive to attain, our aspiration to be healthier, content, better individuals, and to use the time we have to make a difference in the lives of people around us.

We donate 5% of every transaction to an organic community farm just down the street from our office. It provides a safe space for youth to play, a place where the community can learn where food comes from, how to save money, and to improve our health by growing our own produce. A place where cultivation can be experienced and practiced.

Corner Farm Chicago also provides a vital service to the community as a food pantry supplier. Each week the harvest is gathered and used to supplement the resources of Christopher House,  a not-for-profit serving low-income families in the neighborhood.

Children at Christopher House help grow a portion of the food that goes to the pantry, giving them a sense of ownership and food knowledge that will help them make healthy choices throughout their lives.