How to Setup a Facebook Shop and Sell Your Products on Facebook and Instagram


Today I talk about something Facebook just announced: Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops allow you to seamlessly add products to your existing Facebook or Instagram page and start selling them.
What’s great about this, is if you already have a Shopify store or another supported eCommerce solution such as BigCommerce, the integration is pretty easy. And if you don’t you can manually add the products to show up on your Instagram Shop and your Facebook Shop.
In this video I go over the setup for a Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop and why this is such a big deal.

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  1. If you use Shopify and use the plugin to setup the FB Store, Shopify is going to charge an extra 2% on top of Facebook's 5% fees.

    I contacted Shopify support & that is what they told me.

    Shopify has to do this because 1/2 their revenue comes from transaction fees. If Facebook takes over those fees, Shopify is going to be hurt.

    But merchants don't need to pay these extra fees to Shopify. Just move your store to Facebook Shops.

  2. What is your view on dropshipping? Is it worth doing in 2020 or not so much. I'm on the edge of whether i wanna commit fully to it or rather then dropshipping buy my stock in and brand it with a logo etc etc, then disrupt it but then, i have to spend money on packaging it and delivery, would love to hear your opinion on what i should do


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