How To Host A Facebook Watch Party – Watch Videos With Friends

In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily host a Facebook Watch party and watch videos (Live or Recorded) with your Facebook friends.

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22 thoughts on “How To Host A Facebook Watch Party – Watch Videos With Friends”

    Download TubeBuddy Free Today —-

  2. Anyone have any idea why only a very few of my FB videos are showing up as possible selections for a profile timeline watch party? All are set to public, so I can't imagine it's a permissions problem.

  3. I need to upload a pre-recorded video to a Facebook watch party. The video is currently not in my queue. Do I need to post the video first and then start the watch party? Or is there another option?

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  5. Hey dusty i love u video from a time u were a technologyguru ur videos are helpful easy and interesting, i need ur help can u please tell me how to get 1k sub i have 400 less any tips pls

  6. Hey Dusty – if you pause a watch party during it – does that pause it for everyone else?? Also if you navigate out of it – does that also end it for people viewing?

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  8. Thanks! Can you create a Watch Party from a friend's live stream? If you can, does that friend see comments/likes from your Watch Party?

  9. You are one smart cookie I have subscribed you have so much intelligence and thank you for sharing that with us keep up the good work God bless you.

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