How to Download & Install Internet Explorer on Windows 10

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How to Download & Install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 internet explorer for windows 10 64-bit,
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34 thoughts on “How to Download & Install Internet Explorer on Windows 10”

  1. Bro i just went to control panel and turn windows features on and off and there's no internet explorer in it. And when i downloaded one from Microsoft then click install but after the restart procedure there's still no internet explorer app. Can you help me. I'm using surface pro 3 with windows 10 pro

  2. I was going CRAZY for an hour trying to figure this out, about to rip my hair out, and then i found your video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  3. Step are Easy ## Understand ## Most importantly getting the solution that's all what i want. Thanks anyways.

  4. thank u.. its helpful.. i dont know anything about software.. but with the helpnof ur vid, i resolved mu issue..

  5. internet explorer 11 is not even available in turn windows features on or off, it has files installed in program files but its iexplore.exe is not available in both c:// Program files/internet explorer and internet explorer (x86). What is the solution for that ???

  6. I found the feature box and ticked it, was asked to restart which I have done. However I still dont have IE11.

  7. today after a couple of years i found that still the laggy internet explorer in my pc and its also present in youtube lol

  8. As soon as I heard the accent I knew this was BS. Hate that there are so many people in India making a bad name for everyone else. Just be honest, try that some time.

  9. Commenters are dumb to show ie internet explorer is still exist and its enable when starting win 10 commenters are dumb

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