How to Crop Sew a Hoodie



this week i know what i’m doing *for once* and teach you how to crop sew a hoodie!

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I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m still gonna do it. My comedic lifestyle channel has dance choreography, vlogs, styling, cooking, DIY, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Wednesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. you deserve it.

[How to Crop Sew a Hoodie]


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  1. I’m a guy and would never crop a top but I still watch to show support! I also watch Granger Smith. Sorry MeganBatoon I plugged a good country singer that having issues paying the band. He’s putting on free concerts. He did ask for as little as.1 cent if anyone can contribute but the concert is free on YouTube

  2. I just followed this tutorial and my hoodie turned out great! Thanks 🙂 I used a piece of cardboard that was the length of the hem to stretch out the elastic band to the size of the hoodie instead of my chin, works a treat!

  3. Hey Megan! I’ve been looking for such tutorial for ages! You did fantastic job, explaining everything step by step as well as showing final result. Thank you so much!

  4. I love your sewing videos SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️ I just finished my first cropped sweater 👌 I love it!

  5. Clever girl…… ya did it…. was yelling at you to pin the sides then the middle and so on and you did it yay ….Love your work don’t ever change xxx

  6. My dad bought me a semi-cropped hoodie for Christmas and I love it so much I want more of them. This helped a lot. But now I have to learn how to use my sewing machine 😂

  7. i haven't used a sewing machine in five years but i wanted to crop a hoodie and i followed this video anD IT WORKED SO WELL IM SO HAPPY THANK YOU!!

  8. Me: don't know how to use sewing machine i'll just watch then later on i'll search how to use sewing machine .
    My brain: btchplease don't overuse me i'm going to explode.


  9. Is it just me or does anyone else like when girls voices r raspy. Like i always wanted my voice to be raspy. Is that weird. i think it is. Ok imma shut up now

  10. What is the best sewing machine in your opinion for beginners? I want to get something that is durable enough to do reworks on tougher fabrics/all fabrics? Also within a reasonable price range haha. This video was great and really helpful! Now I want to do all my hoodies cropped 😂😅


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