How to Create Download Link in HTML5 | Making Direct Downloadable Button for Any File Type


Create Download Link in HTML
Hi, Today we’ll learn to create a link to download almost any kind of file using pure html5 without using any kind of php driven script. Creating direct download file links in html for video, audio, songs, music anything was never been so easier before the html5 download attribute introduced.
In this video I will demonstrate how you can create download link for an image and a song using download attribute. When you click on the link it will automatically prompt you to download save the file on your disk.

HTML5 Introduced global attribute download which help you to create links for file to be download when clicked on the link or button.

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2:50 – Create Link to download Image when clicked on thumbnail in html5

4:34 – Create Link to Download Image when clicked on link text in html5

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  1. Note: if not working in browser, try it under a webspace. I tried it and it works with Apache2 Webserver.

  2. Its not working on my laptop Every time I click on the link it starts playing song but doesn't download!


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