How to break Excel Workbook Password Protection without software | MS Excel Tutorial


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In Excel, you can password protect Excel workbook to prevent users to changing the structure of the Excel workbook. Excel workbook protection prevent users from viewing hidden worksheets, adding, deleting, moving, hide/unhide worksheets.

Imaging one day you forgot your Excel Workbook Password and you have no way to remember. In this video I will show you how to break the Excel Workbook Password Protection without using 3rd party software or VBA.

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  1. i can't open the file with winrar after i change the extantion to zip. "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged" any clue?

  2. Thank you for the video but there is a problem that this thecnic does not work with "open password workbook" . Which means when i double click in order to open a workbook it want me to enter a password so the technic was fail. I am searching on the internet but i can not find any solution about this issue. Anybody know some solution please help me.Thank you

  3. Hi When i open the zip file, it said the file is damaged or corrupt..are there any ways to open the excel file?

  4. im using notepad and i cant seem to find lockStructure anywhere, i even tried opening it with Wordpad still no luck :/

    edit: i figured out that the workbook is not locked. however the sheets are. i unlocked the sheets with the same zip, delete and unzip process.

  5. I recieved a Password Protected Excel file without the password, followed these steps and it worked a dream
    Jie Jenn thank you for sharing

  6. @Jei Jenn, nice trick. But when i am trying to do the same my zip file is not getting open, its saying unknown format or damaged.

  7. Great tut! However when I zip and then extract I only get the excel file. I've tried this on a mac and windows 7.

  8. Thanks Jie Jenn.. but I failed on final stage during Converting File.. it says "Converting…" but then its said "Something went wrong"

    Does it require for excel file to connect online using Microsoft Account?

  9. When I open the .zip file, I get the following files:

    [6] DataSpaces


    Encryption Info

    I didn't get any xml files. I use Excel 2010, and my file is saved as .xlsx. Please help!

  10. I cannot read any of the pages he presents so I cannot find the areas he goes to that will allow me to unlock a work sheet. I increase the screen to 400%

  11. Hi, I forgot my password of an excel file and tried to unlock by using your method. But when I open the zip file, it looks different from your video. My file shows 'EncryptedPackage'. I have no idea how to open this. Can you help? Thanks.


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