Ho Chi Minh (Squeezing Myself Through the Cu Chi Tunnels)


Here’s the last leg of my Vietnam trip! From Hanoi to Ha Long Bay–and now, Ho Chi Minh city! We just had to go to the world-famous Cu Chi Tunnels and squeeze our way through these fascinating and complex underground tunnel system. We got to learn how the Vietnamese soldiers lived before, what they have built and how they fought for the country.

WARNING: If you have claustrophobia, you probably shouldn’t watch this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Haha! Hope you guys like this video!


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  1. A lot of interesting places. Fun facts: Ho Chi Minh real name was Nguyễn Sinh Cung and Ho Chi Minh city was formerly known as Saigon. The country's biggest city (Saigon) was found by general Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh in 1698. During the Vietnam's War, in ordering to receive aid from China to invade Sai Gon, Nguyễn Sinh Cung changed his birth name to Ho Chi Minh and the last name "Ho" was originated from China. Sadly, Ho Chi Minh never changed his adopted Chinese name back to his real Vietnamese name (Nguyễn Sinh Cung). Moreover, after the The Fall of Saigon, this hundred years old city was also renamed to Ho Chi Minh city by the Vietnamese Communist government. For thousand of years, since the Vietnamse history has recorded that the country had suffered countless number of invasions from China, and the country's biggest city is named after a Chinese last name, this makes many Vietnamese people feel insulted. To be fair, Vietnamese people have all the rights to upset when people call Saigon as Ho Chi Minh city when in the past, the present, and the future, Vietnamse people are always in the state of defending themselves against the big bully China when this country never stop causing all kinds of damanges in terms of real wars and economic war to Vietnam in order to gain complete control over the country.

  2. Nice adventure kuya david! Mukhang nakakasuffocate dun sa ilalim ng tunnel. Pero thumbs up parin! 😊😊 more vids to come.


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