Hannah Murray Describes Gilly's Beautiful "Game of Thrones" Romance With John Bradley's Character


Hannah Murray chats about the “Game of Thrones” romance between Gilly and Sam, describing it as “two birds with broken wings who came together and realized they might be able to fly.”

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  1. Just readin some of the lovely comments there from decent not so nosey fans but these remarks about the woman's weight are stupid I dunno why people go on about weight or the way people look is ridiculously stupid I really don't fuckin get it so I don't,, she's a wonderful actress and I wish her well in her career

  2. the disgusting people in the comments obviously didnt get the message behind cassie’s character in skins. she was literally portraying eating disorders and she didn’t do it so goddamn excellently for yall to come at her with that “shes fat now” bs.

  3. I really like this girl, she is so beautiful and hot. But I must say she was only 29yo in this video and now she is 30yo. Despite her young age she got so much weight. Not good baby.

  4. I Loooove Gilly and Sam, they have the most perfect love relationship in GoT.
    I remember I cried when she told him, after she saw how awful his father was to him, something like "i'm not mad at you, I'm mad because awful people like him can torture good people like you and still get away with it" .
    Love and self-care you guys!!!

  5. I dont understand why you cant speak the obvious…everyone is thinking it…she gained weight significantly from when we first saw her.

  6. Why are people so mean in the comments? She obviously has changed since she was on Skins but that doesn't mean she's no longer beautiful!


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