In this week’s vlog, we’re in Ho Chi Minh city (aka Saigon). A far cry from Koh Phangan (in last week’s vlog), HCMC is the huge and busy capital of Vietnam.

This week’s vlog is all about settling in, finding a place to stay, eating street food and getting set up at the nearby coworking space, Dreamplex.

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  1. Like your video! You make us feel like we're experiencing the adventure with you, and it looks pretty exciting. Can you tell me, did you come across any co-working spaces that appeal to the more basic, down-market, backpacker types?

  2. Chiang Mai c'est Chiang Mai et Ho Chi Minh c'est Ho Chi Minh alors pourquoi toujours parler des deux? Vous êtes au Vietnam pas en Thailande.

  3. Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand truly sucks since everyone is forced to leave the country every 90 days. Who wants to be treated that way?

  4. I really hope your life is not going wrong with your girl ! She look like not a nice personal , and you are very nice guy !

  5. why not making the video after some months, when you actually have anything to say? its beautiful how the internet shows degenerated minds of the millennials :DD

  6. Thailand's a funny place, in a good way. There's remarkably little price gouging and demand-led inflation. Anywhere else a tidal wave of foreigners would push up prices markedly, but even a rube can do okay on price. Vietnam looks just a bit tougher. Mind you, if I'd been bombed flat I'd probably take the hump as well.

  7. Worst city in the world. Try harder. Digital nomad pigeon hole your self and insult people who were doing this shit before you could go to the toilette on your own

  8. I've been to Ho Chi Minh. It's a shithole city. The air pollution is so bad and traffic is horrible. Thailand and Cambodia are much better.

  9. It's amazing how comfortable and international Vietnam has become since I first visited HCM in 1989. Just after Doi Moi was declared. No taxis. no sky scrapes. no cellphones, no laptops, no tourists (except a few "linzos"), no ATM, no that on and on. In emergency there was a central post office possible to make international calls phone from though. I had such a great time touring around half illegal since at that time you needed a travel permit to go anywhere outside HCM. Went to Nha Trang. Such a calm French style city with a gorgeous beach at that time. Now it become more like second Pattaya. One flight a day in a old second hand Russian plane landing direct in the middle of the city. My best travel ever. By the way I'm a mainframe developer. Cobol and that sort of old stuff. Wish you good luck in Vietnam.

  10. I like to share facts about the city: Ho Chi Minh real name was Nguyễn Sinh Cung and Ho Chi Minh city was formerly known as Saigon. The country's biggest city (Saigon) was found by general Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh in 1698. During the Vietnam's War, in ordering to receive aid from China to invade Sai Gon, Nguyễn Sinh Cung changed his birth name to Ho Chi Minh and the last name "Ho" was originated from China. Sadly, Ho Chi Minh never changed his adopted Chinese name back to his real Vietnamese name (Nguyễn Sinh Cung). Moreover, after the The Fall of Saigon, this hundred years old city was also renamed to Ho Chi Minh city by the Vietnamese Communist government. For thousand of years, since the Vietnamese history has recorded that the country had suffered countless number of invasions from China, and the country's biggest city is named after a Chinese last name, this makes many Vietnamese people feel insulted. To be fair, Vietnamese people have all the rights to upset when people call Saigon as Ho Chi Minh city when in the past, the present, and the future, Vietnamese people are always in the state of defending themselves against the big bully China when this country never stop causing all kinds of damages in terms of real wars and economic war to Vietnam in order to gain complete control over the country.

  11. There are at least 2 US based banks that offer checking accounts with international ATM fee reimbursement. Not sure if your home country has anything similar. Its definitely saved us a TON in fees and made life on the road easier.

  12. Chris Capital of Vietnam of Hanoi :).
    I had seen your video before I moved from Thailand to Vietnam, but sadly never got to stay in Ho Chi Minh city.

  13. Nice video, thank you. Do you advise a person to purchase their electronics in Vietnam, the US or order on Amazon?


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