Criticism – The truth about why they criticize. What to do. w Kevin Hogan


You have critics. Remember: They criticize, first, to help boost their own self esteem. Every time you want to start a project you have someone who wants to criticize you. It hurts. Consider for a moment who the most criticized people are and how they cope. Consider how they reduce the criticism. Athletes, actors, authors and all other highly paid people know that being tough on yourself FIRST is square one. But knowing when to be tough and when to appreciate your performance and let go of negative results is another big puzzle piece. The criticism in this video can be from the crazy employee in the next cubicle or the neighbor next door. You NEVER want to beat yourself up. You DO want to have established criteria for evaluating your own performance so that you are your own toughest critic. When you are at this level, the criticism of others tends to roll off your back. When you have failed to establish criteria for your performance, all their criticism is going to REALLY hurt badly. So here’s how I want you to fix this problem and then turn it into gold.


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  1. A lot of women love to speak the language of criticism. But can not handle being criticized themselves. As you begin to ascend, all they can do is criticize. Their resentment for you being what they are not is often unreal. Thats why I am my own toughest critic! WOMEN CANT STAND IT!!!!

  2. Criticizing me at work in front of customers, difficult coworkers can make me look bad. Co-worker belittle tells me I’m studied, old white woman.

  3. What formula would you suggest for this: I'm a mom and I have a great bond with my son. His GF critiques, criticizes and harshly judges who I am, what I feel, say and do and apparently has a lot more to say to him privately because he's keeping us separate to keep the peace. So far, I've bit my tongue but I may just refuse to be in her company. Any thoughts? Thank You.

  4. People who criticize strike me as insecure ,weak minded and want to sabotoge the success of others simply because they can't achieve what you did. Happens to me all the time.

  5. Sorry I disagree! When I did this I was criticised having too high standards for myself or that my perspective would be wrong, in fact, my perception ability and my values were attacked and to recover from that is hard because you always feel not understand and criticised in your essential substances, shaken to your core and are not taken seriously anymore. DO NOT DO THAT. I recommend always try to hope that it will pay off, imagine how proud you would be and try to make your goals based on inner values that you would do this to prove that you value hard work, wanting to become better, make the best of your life. Build values you want to stand for and pursue them! The worst thing is regret, and the worst regret is not being yourself and this is what they try to do. Making you a worse version you could have become and the sadness to realize they kept you on their level and that you may never meet people with your ambitions due to your lack of skills or social confidence is very hard to deal with. DON T SHOW TOXIC PEOPLE WEAKNESS, except invented ones this helps to disillusionise them for what they are.

  6. My boyfriend's parents criticizes our relationship so much and i don't do shit but be respectful to them all the time

  7. I feel like no matter what when there’s nothing to criticize, people just try, they just try their hardest to find criticism

  8. This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "why does my husband yell at me" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Wansaac Ponuke Scheme – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  9. Great insight. I can see some of them working. It's also good to forgive yourself and still love yourself. At the end of the day.

  10. Judge your performance by tough standards no one will criticize you when you have an Olympians standards

  11. My moms boyfriend criticizes me all the time and im going into depression, my mom just says your fine and says get over it but i can't 😔

  12. How To handle Criticism on Your short height . it feels bad And Eventually You start wearing heels and still the thing remains same
    I've short height and everybody notices it

  13. thanks for this good video it's very important because I've had several therapeutic professionals tell me that I'm too hard on myself. when if they really knew how to work with me and guide me to achieve my desires I would have been a success 20 years ago.

  14. Excellent Material: You have my fellow coworkers shoving me out the door. They say," he actually thinks,  listen, and wants out of here", time for him to be gone.


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