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Logger Vick hates losing to the bears all the time. He buys an armor suit so that the bears or anything else could never hurt him again.

Logger Vick goes out to log trees wearing his armor suit. Bramble sees him. He punches at Vick, but gets his own paws injured. Bramble runs back home and tells Briar about Vick’s armor suit. Briar leads Bramble and Warren back to Vick. Briar attacks Vick with an axe. The axe cannot do any harm to Vick, but gets sprang back by his solid armor. Briar quickly thinks of an idea. He throws Warren the little squirrel to Vick’s head. Warren puts a little bug inside Vick’s armor suit. Vick gets so itchy that he takes off his armor suit. Without the protection of the armor, Logger Vick is vulnerable. He’s beaten by the bears, again. boonie bears, boonie bears english, boonie bears english episodes


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