Your Furry Friend is Good for Your Health

My family has always had dogs. For as long as I can remember, a Cocker Spaniel was regularly underfoot, especially if someone was cooking. Known as some of the most loyal and loving dogs there are, they also have above average intelligence and Kenya, in particular, was always thinking of ways to do something she wasn't supposed to be doing.

Have you ever noticed how calming pets can be? They seem to know just what to do when you're depressed or stressed out.

It isn't just a feeling, it is scientific fact. Having a canine companion lowers your blood pressure, anxiety, and even triggers the release of a hormone associated with relaxation.

Children who suffer from anxiety when reading out loud in class show improvements in skills and attitude after reading aloud to their dogs.

The benefits of a pet can even be seen in babies, where those with family pets show less susceptibility to allergies and asthma.

I recently adopted a beautiful, white Pit Bull Terrier pup from the The Anti-Cruelty Society who I named Hero. He can be a handful, as most puppies are, but it was a great decision - for both of us.