Be grateful for the little things

Today I wanted to write something about gratitude. Sometimes in my hectic daily life, I forget that I have a lot to be thankful for.

A warm place to lay my head, delicious food, friends who've been there through everything, the simple act of being alive.

I even try to take account of the simple things; my puppy Griffon (who apparently pooped on the floor after I left this morning), the icy, serene beauty of the lakefront on a frigid day, getting the seat on the train that has the heater underneath it (hint: its the one nearest the door with the big grey box under it).

Expressing silent gratitude helps calm the uncertainty of each day, helps us be tolerant and understanding of others who's attitudes endeavor to bring us down.

And most importantly, our simple gratitude generates goodwill that others can feel and maybe, just maybe, change their day for the better too.

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