Best Icon Libraries for every UI Designer → Free icons sets for UI Design & Web Design

In this Video, you will learn about more than 7 Free Icon Libraries where you can find and download SVG icons and use them in your Web Design or Mobile App Design projects. Use these Free icons in your Web Design or UI Design Project

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18 thoughts on “Best Icon Libraries for every UI Designer → Free icons sets for UI Design & Web Design”

  1. Do you mean you should use SVG icons while you are designing using a screen design tool like Sketch or Adobe XD or for when you are coding the website?

  2. Love your videos Muhammad. Would you say you should only be using material icons when you are designing an Android app only? or ok to use in ANY UI web design project?

  3. I dont get all the icons in a plarticlar web so what should i do in that case if all icons are not available in one website. I can not move to other portal since they have different style so will make the whole layout uneven.

  4. Do you have any tutorials or article about the process that we can use to create UI/web designs for clients on 99design, freelancer contests? I mean some kind of very solid process that i can reuse Everytime i participate in a design contest to achieve quicker and reliable results

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