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My Configure :
Configure Dota:

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⇨ Room /j lod Asia
❖ Dota 1 lod New Map Version : ❝ Dota v6.86G3 LoD ❞
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  1. man I have a doubt could you please tell me why you have done this in your code?

    StartChatString1 = -bind 0 c

    StartChatString2 = -bind 3 v

    StartChatString3 = -bind 6 t

    StartChatString4 = -bind 9 y

    StartChatString5 = -bind 1 q

    StartChatString6 = -bind 10 r

  2. Hey man I would love it if you could do it even for normal dota maps. I want to learn binds for heroes such as meepo and tinker where you can use items and spells in just one Hotkey. You have any idea how to do this? Using garena total or Auct hotkey?

  3. Thank you it works , but there’s one problem , when playing rgc and goes dc and then. Reconnet , the quick cast stops working ..

  4. Can it use on other map? Such as bleach vs onepiece?

  5. Can you make full button in Skills Box ,some maps have more even 8 skills to cast ?
    How to apply it , i can't use ?

  6. hay zp .can you give me this"Ranked Gaming Client RGC Dota Hotkeys Year 2017"

  7. តើអាច upload config.lod សំរាប់អោយធ្វើការទាញយកបានទេ ក៏ព្រោះតែខ្ញុំបើក config.lod របស់ខ្ញុំមិនបង្ហាញដូចអ្នកឡើយ

  8. Every morning i see your videos regularly man but i did not notice this video until now, zp thank u so much for accepting my request on short notice and taking your precious time to make this video i thought u might send me a link for a guide or something but never expected a self recorded video, it really mean a lot to me and u have clearly given me clarification to tiniest details i expected and i loved it. good job man your help is greatly appreciated. i will start practicing it from now on and i hope soon i will play with u.


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