ASIAN FOOD MARKET 🍣 | The Sims 4 Speed Build


Wazzup dolls! Today’s video is another Sims 4 speed build, and I’m building an Asian food market on a 30×30 in San Myshuno! 🍣 NO CC! This bright and busy street has restaurants, bars, food stalls, grocery stores and karaoke! If you want to download this build you can find it on the gallery by searching for my username Cyberdollyt. If you have ideas for future speed builds feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. Ur so underrated 😭 you deserve more attention your building skills are absolutely amazing😩. And I love to watch you build there all so pretty and just wow but keep doing what u do cuz your are amazing at it🙂

  2. What the lot type when i make lot type cafe, the food stall staff didn't come automatically … Lil bit annoying

  3. CRAZY INSANELY! I feel like I am overwhelmingly in love with your creations, I really wish I could play with these beauties, but my game is pirate, but I still can't enjoy it, nice work, congratulations!

  4. I'm happy about this one's main packs being Seasons, Dine Out and Spa Day (along with CL) since those are my favorite packs for this game that I've bought.

  5. Where can I get the aquarium coffee table? I absolutely love it but can't find it on any of the sims 4 console packs. 🙁

  6. Hi! I just found your channel and I am IN LOVE <3 I'm a HUGE Japanophile and I clicked on this video immediately. This build is STUNNING. The details and layout and how everything is all squished into a tiny space – it feels super authentic, a true red light district 😉 The only thing I even have a slight issue with is the lights – They look good but why didn't you use the little round paper lanterns from (I believe) base game? They're my very favorite asian-flavored item and they come with a cute cherry blossom swatch. They'd have been amazing here 😀 I know I'm two weeks late but I needed to comment here – I've never seen anyone build anything like this. I love it.

  7. mais ptn pensez aux sims ! si le stands tu le colles au mur personne ne pourra passer pour tenir le stand !!!!! language 🇫🇷


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