ASIAN ADVENTURES | The Sims 4: Mod Review


Today I am doing a review of NANDO’s Asian Adventures Mod!
Early Release on Patreon: March 27th, 2020
Public Release: April 6th, 2020

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  1. I think you should keep forgotten hollows and make it into a vampire kingdom because I have this weird game play in my head where this vampire queen named Lilith lost her father (from when a king from another kingdom sees them as a threat so he killed the king) she runs away from home because she was next to be killed one night she was in windenburg she ends up falling for Charles then turning him into a vampire Charles doesn’t feel the changes until one day he locks himself in his room Lilith sneaks into his room and tells him that she turned him he know he can’t have a normal life. I will be just as happy with what ever you choose for forgotten hollows I just wanted to add a new character into the mix. Keep doing what you are doing love you.

  2. Wow!! This is gorgeous…. I think there's a way to have both of them but I'm not sure if it would glitch or not….. I think you'd have to use the copy/rename worlds mod and copy Forgotten Hollow, but then download Sakura Hills, and maybe then there would be both? I'm not sure if that would work though or if we'd just end up with two Sakura Hills. I'm really excited to see how everything with Araminta and Han plays out, I hope they'll be happy together ❤ (I also loved the twitch stream; I could see Lady Minerva and Princess Genevieve being really good friends)

    Also which highlights/lipsticks do you use for the sims? Some of them I wasn't able to find on the Pinterest board, such as the nose highlight and I can't seem to find them elsewhere either….

    But there was this mod that I thought you might like: It's a preset for younger teens by niveasimscc so that way you can have teens who are about 14/15 as well as the regular teens who look about 16/17…. She has a preteen preset in the works as well (basically the preset is in the forehead section, and just makes the sim shorter, with a rounder face and bigger eyes) which is really cool! If you aren't interested then that's okay but I just thought it might be something you might enjoy checking out!

  3. Hi Mira I love your series and made some of my own royal families! I was wondering what aging you use in your series for the royals. I was using auto age for all of them but that went to fast so I did auto aging only for the active household and now it’s kind of slow.

  4. I looks nice and that they put a lot of work into; but I think it would of been better to use that one empty world instead because 1-it's base game compatible as not everyone has Vampires and those that do use it just for Vampires as it is the only dark world (less sunlight) and 2.Since it is empty it could change the world completely and it has more room/space for sims to live in.

  5. Have you ever thought of streaming on twitch? I love your videos and excited to see what happens with the secret baby, the poisoning, if Prince Charles will ever get his life together, and omg those screenshots of Prince Hans dreams 😆💕💕💕

  6. I know you are trying to figure out Brindleton Bay's ethnic origin
    The name Johan is of Hebrew origin
    The name Nina is a russian nickname for Antonia but also Nina is the Spanish word for 'little girl'
    Nina's father was called Manuel which is also of Hebrew origin & Nina's mother was called Catalina which is a spanish name meaning pure
    So maybe Brindleton Bay has Spanish & Jewish background

  7. Wow this is gorgeous! I am so confused how they managed to change the world so much 😂 so many talented simmers out there. Thanks for showing us the mod!

  8. I need to get my computer fixed so I can play this beautiful world 😍. So much hard work went into this mod. I’d pledge but I’m hella broke. Mira thank you for showing this to us. Hopefully you can find a use for it in your royal family series. Keep up the great work ❤️❤️❤️

  9. u know i was kinda hoping for a vampire royal family but like then theres the asian world that replaces it but n my opinion u should really do a royal family in strangerville because i feel like it dosnt get much attention

  10. i downloaded this its soo cool i actually started a royal family too and i started it when i was 7 and know im 12 and im on the 45 generation

  11. Hello mirarea so you think that we could have abother gay royal prince because i watched a series called versallies on netflix and their was a gay prince who was the kings brother he was very loved and was very into war and was a better fit to be king instead of his brother he was also a drag somtimes wanting to cross dress on royal parties his mother dressed him like this when he was young people would pick him over his brother he also had a lover who was a drama queen and my faveriote character and very extra but wad amazing pleese reply i think it would be very intresting if we had a main character like this

  12. This is so cool! Maybe this kingdom can be the one Prince Han is from & his marriage to Araminta can join the two together.

  13. Maybe you can make a Japanese inspired kingdom or even a Korean one? I don’t know if you want to move Guang Xi to this world because of the number of lots and the storylines you’ve already had there.


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