56-0 WINSTREAK: How to NEVER LOSE TOP LANE – Challenger Tips and Tricks | LoL Pro Kennen Guide

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This pro League of Legends top lane guide by Challenger coach, Panther, will cover the gameplay of Kennen god, Rezz, teaching you the tips and tricks of one of the bets toplaners in the world! Learn how Rezz secured a 56-0 winstreak and take these pro habits and strategies into your own ranked games to dominate lane, carry and rank up fast!

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30 thoughts on “56-0 WINSTREAK: How to NEVER LOSE TOP LANE – Challenger Tips and Tricks | LoL Pro Kennen Guide”

  1. The amount of people in this comment section bitching about how they only did this cause hey are challenger and not really paying attention..
    This is why youre hard stuck. Its a fact. Learn to absorb information

  2. i hate watch videos of smurfing

    and your talking: auto overpowered auto auto auto auto go backwards auto auto auto empowered auto attack

    not at bad

  3. This video is a joke right? How to NEVER LOSE TOP LANE, oh btw im a smurf, oh btw im abusing kennen. Most worthless piece of trash content I've ever seen.

  4. Fuking disgusting, I would rather be bronze 4 my entire life then EVER play kennen XDDDDD what a degenerate.

  5. Rather just play real toplaners than play some bullshit just to climb and cheese. Boring ass ranged toplane gameplay. Better to have fun and stay a slightly lower rank. After all, Are you really trying to hit challenger and play in lCS or something?

  6. This is all very useful info, but I just think that it's hard to always push and harass the enemy under their turret because we don't have a reliable jungler that will play around us

  7. I really loved how you pointed at that most of the tips work on ANY ranged champs top lane. This shows that macro play is usually more important than micro for climbing.

  8. 12:46 I didn't hear the "Ult"… Only: Flash in > Protobelt > Zhonyas
    and I was like wow nice combo…

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