3 Ways to Stop Judging and Criticizing People


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In this video I have 3 simple ways to stop criticizing and judging others…because when you’re able to re-direct your thoughts, you can dramatically improve your life. It’s like creating a new way for your energy to flow. And I know you know that what you focus on is what you create. Focus on the beautiful, wonderful, positive traits of others – and you create more room for your own gifts to shine. You create more space for simple happiness and joy to flow into your life too.

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  1. I agree with most of what you're saying, but trying to look for the good in people doesn't always work. In my life I've had women who would appear as loving and spiritual but would try to set me up for failure. How can I see light in that? Like a hippie talking love and peace but then goes out of way to manipulate me and drain my energy? Hell NO! Ain't no light in that! A lot of fake love nowadays and wanna be truth seekers! 💯

  2. Hi I'm hating people that behave bad or give dark/cold stares in the city, and it made me even hate a certain ethnicity group in my country, please help me

  3. my family are so dramatic and negative and i believe it's the perfect toxic place to be with lol. but i try to ignore them as much as i can because leaving them isn't optional since i'm 16 🙁 btw that waas helpful thank you so much <3 you r so beautiful

  4. Great video! I have that problem with a loved one. She is such a kind and great person and I love her a lot. I do worry about her a lot as she is older and she doesn’t really know technology very well and so I get worried about her being taken advantage of by others (as it has happened before). I don’t have the resources to take care of her like I would want to as she ages.

    I also think I see things in her about myself that I don’t like and that is why I am so critical. I hate being that way. 🙁

  5. My problem is though I've never had many friends, I I have recently gained quite a few. 1 of them in particular I tend to think a lot of negative thoughts about but the thing is I don't know why. I don't hate him, in fact I can see a little bit of me in him, but it's almost as if that upsets me for some odd reason. We are also involved in the same sport, and I tend to see him as competition, yet here I am and I'm trying to convince myself that we are on the same side and were met to be allies not enemies. It also feels like I get jealous over him even though I would say I probably have it better than him. What is my problem!? I want to get to know him better at the same time yet I don't want to scare people away

  6. I don't like one of my children's wife because she is verbally and physically abusive to my son and grandkids. I'm not nor have ever been abusive. What am I resignating with her?


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