12 NEW BROKEN Korean Builds YOU SHOULD ABUSE in Patch 10.10 – League of Legends Season 10


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Patch 10.10 is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Lux, Kayn, Irelia, Soraka, Katarina, Kled, Miss Fortune, and many others.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 QOTD
1:37 Top Lane
1:45 Muramana Kayle
2:37 Spellbook Kennen
3:42 Top Lane Recap
3:50 Jungle
3:59 EoN Rek´sai
4:46 Phase Rush Xin Zhao
5:51 Phase Rush Trundle
6:12 Jungle Recap
6:20 Mid Lane
6:29 Predator Galio
7:56 GLP Azir
8:58 Mid Lane Recap
9:05 Bot Lane
9:14 DD Ezreal
10:19 Youmuu’s Ezreal
11:06 Bot Lane Recap
11:13 Support
11:23 Tanky Pyke
12:19 GLP Yuumi
13:14 Fiddlesticks Support
14:05 Support recap
14:13 Conclusion
14:36 Outro

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  1. QOTD: Azir, Riven, Irelia. They're so much fun but if you're not a god with these Champs, they're easy to be dead weight

  2. QOTD: I don't play norms. I love playing support mages in Aram though. Building them like a midlane mage and just smashing shit is so much fun. Mid lane mage build Karma Ult Q one shotting 4 people grouped up? Why not.

  3. QOTD: I like to play taric jg, he has one of the strongest lv 1 in the game, but he eat too much mana, and dont have good mobility. Its pretry fun to play press atk with limbus cloath, spaming Q + double aa. Try it =]

  4. QOTD: I really dig Nami as a support, but I can't seem to be able to win a lot of match-ups with her because of her low range.

  5. aatrox. i have his voice lines on my phone cause i love them that much. i do well with him but i do not have much to bring to ranked with

  6. QOTD: Ireilla I love her style of gameplay and abilities plus I got some dope skins but I'm not fast enough for ranked by fast I mean my control

  7. i love playing in nunu and willump because of the snow ball but i always end up inting but i usually try not to

  8. QOTD: Nocturne mid. Because if I play aggressive and get kills early, it’s fun as hell. If I play aggressive and lose early, I’m still strong as hell mid and late game.

  9. Sett is fun and cool but sucks overall. In ranked people know how to dodge haymaker and know to just poke and leave type thing. He's actually trash once people learn how he works :(.

  10. Manamune Kayle has been a thing for a long time. If you’re running Manamune, don’t go fleet, go Press the Attack. You want damage. If you feel like you need healing, take legend bloodline.

  11. QOFT: Katarina. It's just fun when you get fed, but I often find myself first picking her and then get countered by a heavy cc composition, or I just can't pick her for the same reason

  12. QOTD: JHIN ,

    My favorite hero in League of Legends . every time go bot land just choose him. 300match ,650K point

  13. I enjoy a good game of Jungle Bard, but I save it for norms. People afk often enough without me picking so sub-optimally.

  14. QOTD: Morgana jungle I would play her in ranked but people always say I am trolling so I am stuck with her in normal even tho I perform good with her

  15. for Kayle I like the ER after manamune, for the dmg cdr and it helping you keep a full manabar so that the muramana on-hits are always doing max dmg.. but the main reason Kayle started picking it up is because Guinsoo is in her core, same reason as Kai-sa really. She doesn't have to get Guinsoo, but I think if she's going manamune, it would be a waste not to. ER second item is still good, but Guinsoo should be picked up afterwards, as Manamune will be upgrading into Muramana around the time you finish your third item usually. Then you can get whatever zeal item you want. I mean, you don't have to go ER second item and get a zeal item instead if u'd rather have AS, or get Guinsoo ASAP, I just think it's a waste not to get Guinsoo, as that's the entire point of going Muramana on Kayle. It has the strongest on-hit in the game, and since Kayle already has Guinsoo in her core, like Kai-sa, Manamune is a really good idea to combo with it. Shit, you could even build the exact same way as Kai-sa and go AP with a Nashor's instead, Nashor's is awesome on Kayle.

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    How can I take part in giveaways? 😂


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